Thursday, 26 April 2012

Film Overview

I've not seen as many films recently as I would have liked to but here are micro reviews of ones out at the moment which I have made it to.
Battleship - 4/5 - I know this has been slated by most critics (and some of my closest friends) but I really liked it.  It has a similar feel to a Transformer film but has more laughs and even a few touching moments.  Plus Eric Northman from True Blood *swoon*
The Cabin in the Woods - 2/5 - Admittedly I saw this just for Chris Hemsworth.  Part horror film (despite what some say I do count this horror, I jumped a lot), part comedy (supposedly). I liked the ending but wish there could have been more of that story line running through out, and in more detail.
The Hunger Games - 4/5 - obviously doesn't quite live up to the book, of which I am a huge fan, but was enjoyable none the less.  I went to see it a second time just to concentrate on the make up of the Capitol residents more.  Doesn't explain itself enough for a non-reader.
Gone - 3/5 - I was expecting to bored during this but suprisingly was not.  I was genuinely interested in the characters and, apart from a few pointless sub-plots and an abrupt ending, I did like it.
Lockout - 2/5 - What can I say...your average action film.  Unoriginal plot with a few funny one-liners.  We went to see this just because we are currently re-watching LOST and are missing Shannon (played by Maggie Grace).
Mirror Mirror - 3/5 - I'dd be honest, I was favouring Snow White and the Huntsman as soon as found out about the two rival films.  I like darkness in a film :-).  This is not dark, nor is it as funny as the trailer would have you believe.  I did kind of enjoy, despite the very un-charming Prince Charming, I just feel like it brought nothing new or exciting to the tale.
Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists - 1/5 - Not funny, not worthy of being related to Wallace and Gromit in any way, shape or form.  I was bored, the children around me were bored.
21 Jump Street - 5/5 - the best film I've seen in a while.  I loved this so much I saw it twice in a week.  So funny in parts (involving drugs...) that I had to put my hand in mouth to not enrage the whole cinema with my cackling.  Channing Tatum does comedy good!  Love that the film is constantly taking the mick out of itself and other, more typical, action films.  Also, great cameo ;-) ;-) shame I already knew who it would be.
Puss in Boots (still on at Cineworld as the film for juniors) - 4/5 - a good all-rounder of a kids' film.  As good as the best of the Shreks.  Really like Kitty Soft-Paws.

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